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  • Like a fairytale

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    The bridal bouquet par excellence for a fairy-tale dream wedding: With this elegant bouquet in a vintage look you exude nostalgic charm and yet are very trendy! With natural stem bound, large-headed rose dome in cream with noble satin ribbon binding, also in cream. Narrow satin binding from the flower dome rounds off the bouquet.

  • Classical Elegance

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    For a bridal bouquet in classic traditional style you will make the perfect choice with “Classical Elegance”. Blossoms in cream and white tones blend seamlessly with the timeless aesthetics of the traditional wedding. Bridal bouquet with natural stem, compact and tied around a dome, consisting of white roses, white lysianthus and bouvardia. White carnations surround the flower dome like a wreath.

  • Marry Me!

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    “Will you marry me?” The moment of engagement is unforgettable and enters into the shared history of the happy couple. Give this moment a perfect setting with this enchanting application bouquet in cream white-green with roses, carnations and lysianthus. The inclusion of the engagement ring in the bouquet gives it a particularly elegant staging.

  • White roses

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    Pure elegance! A bouquet of flowers for those who concentrate on the essentials. Loose bouquet of medium-long, white or cream-colored roses without accessories. Send white roses, supplied by Fleurop Rosenversand.

  • Thank you for your love

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    Without your affection, I would not be what I am today. Thank you for your big heart. Thank you for your love! Bound bouquet in pink-red with roses, gerberas and delicate flowers of the season.

  • From my heart

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    This magical bouquet brings sunshine into cloudy days. In the trendy colors rose, pink and wine red, the bouquet is bound “from the heart”. For example, roses, anthuriums, possibly Amaranthus if available and flowers of the season are processed.

  • Only for you!

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    Enchanting flowers for a very special person. Loosely bound bouquet in cream-rose with avalanche roses and for example eustoma, bouvardia, astrantie, small carnations, waxflower, green hypericum and accessories such as chicco and fern.

  • Because you are my dream girl

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    I do not know what words best describe you, but I know why I love you: Because you are my dream girl. Round compact bound, colorful bouquet of large-headed roses without accessories.

  • Because I need you

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    You are like the air to breathe for me. You are an invaluable part of my life. I love you – I need you! With our round bound bouquet in red and white, z. For example, with red roses, mini gerbera and narrow Typha leaves, speak the universal language of love.

  • Love fire

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    The power of love. Beyond space and time. This love messenger presents itself in fiery red.

  • Simply red roses

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    It does not need big words – just red roses! Round bound bouquet of noble red roses.