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  • 100 roses in a heart box

    3.50 out of 5

    100 roses in heart box composed with the letter you want.

    You can change the colors of the roses according to your preference.

  • Airy light

    3.67 out of 5

    Give a lifestyle full of lightness and optimism. Feel “airy easy”. Loosely bound bouquet in orange-white with lilies, eustoma and germini. Rounded with accessories, such. B. pistachio and some branches.

  • Aloe Vera “Fresh Breeze”

    2.75 out of 5

    Stay healthy and start fresh every day. Aloe Vera is very popular as a decorative, evergreen ornamental plant and is relatively undemanding in its care. Stylishly packed in a pastel-mint colored ceramic planter (height: 11.5 cm).

  • Art de fleurs

    2.50 out of 5

    Prepare an unforgettable moment for a loved one with this beautiful bouquet of flowers. Round bound bouquet of roses in pink, red and yellow, decorated with delicate ivy.

  • Astro Bouquet Capricorn

    0 out of 5

    Capricorn radiates optimism and joie de vivre through its open nature. In keeping with the personality of Capricorn, the Astro Bouquet is decorated in a classy, ​​classic crème white and embodies the optimism and positive radiance of the recipient. Bound with roses, gerberas and z. Thistles or St. John's wort, refined with delicate accessories such as pistachio, aralia or eucalyptus.

  • Astro bouquet scorpion

    2.75 out of 5

    Born in the sign of Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) are passionate, determined and reliable. With them you combine fighting spirit, courage and creativity. Matching: Our Astro bouquet Scorpio. Compact bouquet in rich orange-yellow and creamy accents with gerbera, roses and z. B. Chrysanthemums, rounded off with delicate accessories.


    0 out of 5

    It will warm your heart! Give joy with this great bouquet in bright autumn tones. Dome-shaped bouquet in red-orange, loosely bound with eg roses, gerbera and delicate autumn flowers. Refined with small bundles of hay, rounded off with a leaf cuff.

  • Autumn moments

    3.00 out of 5

    Early evening fog envelops the brightly colored landscape. “Autumn moments” shows the mystical side of autumn in bold colors. Loosely tied bouquet in mystical red-blue and refreshing pink. For example, roses, thistles, heather and other flowers of the season are included.

  • Avalanche poetry

    2.33 out of 5

    Each blossom a poem, soulful and unique. 10 roses in shallow pastel colors. Shipped without vase.

  • Baby is here!

    2.97 out of 5

    For a moment the sky stopped breathing and a new star shone. Round bound bouquet in the delicate colors pink-blue-cream with eg roses, eustoma and white accents of gypsophila and white feathers.

  • Because I need you

    3.00 out of 5

    You are like the air to breathe for me. You are an invaluable part of my life. I love you – I need you! With our round bound bouquet in red and white, z. For example, with red roses, mini gerbera and narrow Typha leaves, speak the universal language of love.

  • Because you are my dream girl

    2.67 out of 5

    I do not know what words best describe you, but I know why I love you: Because you are my dream girl. Round compact bound, colorful bouquet of large-headed roses without accessories.

  • Beer garden

    2.79 out of 5

    A garden full of berries, seasonal fruits and flowers. Be enchanted by the diversity of autumn. Compact bouquet in burgundy and rosé with gerbera, berries, delicate flowers of the season and autumn leaf cuff.

  • Berry flower basket

    3.35 out of 5

    Flowers and berries: a wonderful autumnal combination! Berry scented arrangement in a rustic basket with roses, mini gerbera, hypericum, cereal bundles and eg sedum, blackberry and lavender tips.

  • Best wishes

    3.17 out of 5

    Confetti was yesterday. Give a colorful blossom fireworks and wish you all the best. Colorful bouquet with a mixture of germinis, refined with accessories such as pistachio and salal.