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  • White Orchid

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    The bridal couple will enjoy this stylish gift for a very long time. Due to their long durability, the used “Phalaenopsis” orchids are best suited to make a gift with truly lasting impression. This elegant orchid arrangement presents itself in white: In addition to the white orchids, white decorative rods and satin and organza ribbon round off the arrangement. A small integrated gold heart gives this workpiece the special highlight.

  • White roses

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    Pure elegance! A bouquet of flowers for those who concentrate on the essentials. Loose bouquet of medium-long, white or cream-colored roses without accessories. Send white roses, supplied by Fleurop Rosenversand.

  • Wild romance

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    Covered paths covered with colorful canopies: this is the wild romance of autumn! Round bound, playful bouquet with roses, cereals such as barley and seasonal flowers such as Amaranthus, Sedum, Hirtentäschl and accessories such as pistachio and Bergenienblätter.

  • Winter Elegance

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    Elegant, stylish and puristic: Enjoy the pre-Christmas period in the elegant way. Two-storey Advent wreath in white cream green with four white candles, cypress branches, olive tips and winter accessories.

    Designed by Khanh Pham from Berlin, Treptower Blumenhandels GmbH
    “Junge Talente” collection, powered by Artflower Junge Wilde

  • Winter Freshness

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    Extravagant and simply stylish: this extraordinary piece plays with the freshness of winter. Bouquet in light green-green with cymbidiums and spreading eucalyptus branches, refined z. With pine needles and lemon slices

  • Winter walk

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    The freshness of the winter air, the scent of the forest – enjoy this extensive “winter walk”. Advent wreath in red-green with four red candles, fir branches and wintry berry accessories. Diameter about 40 cm.

    Designed by Elisabeth Seidl from Würzburg, Blumenhaus am Friedhof Emmy Bott
    “Junge Talente” collection, powered by Fleurops Junge Wilde

  • Winter world

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    The majestic beauty of winter, refined with noble flowers: Dive into this enchanting “winter world”. Advent wreath in white-green with cypress branches, noble white flowers, with four white candles and winter accessories. Diameter about 40 cm.

    Designed by Annika Gärtner from Heinsberg, Flowers Tenesch’s
    “Young Talents” collection, powered by Artflower Young Wild

  • Wow!

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    Just wow! A small greeting for every occasion. Compact, round bound bouquet in pink-yellow with eg roses, gerbera and a delicate ivy wreath. Like a scepter, the slightly longer stems are wrapped with a matching ribbon.

  • Your happines

    3.00 out of 5

    A perfect gift – a dozen roses in a chic heart-shaped pot will appeal to everyone

  • Roses of your choise

    2.91 out of 5

    The simplest and purest gesture for someone special.